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Once we know:

  1. When you wish to travel

  2. From where you wish to travel 

  3. Class of flights .. e.g.. Low-cost or Full-fare Airline 

  4. Any stop-overs requested 

  5. Possible use of mileage points or travel credits

We can create your dream holiday!

2024 Tour Prices

Travel with the Author:
Vietnam ~ Departing May 2024

Starting from AU$2,999.00 landed in Hue (see Our Tours page for the itinerary details).

Return flights from Australia to Vietnam will be determined by departure point and airline choice.

Japanese Tours ~ Any Time of Year

Japan ~ 2024

Starting from AU$3,999.00 landed in Tokyo (see Our Tours page for itinerary details)

Flights from Australia to Tokyo and Osaka return to Australia determined by departure point and airline choice.

Thailand Tours ~ Any Time of Year   

Thailand  ~ 2024

 Starting from AU$3,699.00 landed in Bangkok (see Our Tours page for the itinerary details).

 Flights to and from Australia to Bangkok determined by departure point and airline choice.

Tours in conjunction with Himalayan Asia Treks & Expeditions ~ Any Time of Year

Starting from AU$1,999.00 landed in Kathmandu (See Our Tours page for all tours and prices).

Flights to and from Australia to Kathmandu determined by departure point and airline choice.

Itinerary Only Service

Itinerary 1-10 persons ~ FULLY WORKED ~ Itinerary Investment  AU$200.00

1 to 21 Nights

Over 21 Nights ~ POA

In this D.I.Y and digital age , many of us are using apps and digital platforms to organise everything in our lives, including holidays. EZIASIATRAVEL recognises this and has included an itinerary service for those who would like to be more in control of their own getaway. The downside of organising your own trip away, can be a lack of on the ground expertise when determining choices of accommodation, types of tours, and options of travel between locations. There is nothing worse that arriving at your booked hotel to discover that the glossy pictures that attracted you in the first place were taken at angles that give the impression of larger rooms or breath-taking views, or the night club next door that’s open until 4am keeps you awake all night. Over the years, we have travelled all over Southeast Asia and stayed at or visited many hotels and took all the popular tours; some of these tours revealed hidden experiences as a consequence of developing relationships with the best tour operators in the regions. We can put together an itinerary that reflects your needs. At the beginning we will discuss your requirements and interests. With this in mind we will develop a Fully Worked itinerary. What does Fully Worked mean? Fully Worked means that not only will we deliver a day-by-day plan, we will also include airline and flight numbers allowing you to go to the Airline App and book and pay yourself (you can even accumulate frequent flyer points or use your own if you are already a member). We will provide recommended accommodation choices in each location including the room type, your next step is to go an Accommodation App like or Agoda etc and book, we can provide the hotel website and see if you can get a better deal. We will provide you with the contact details of our trusted Tour Operator in your holiday’s location to book tours direct with them (mention us and you’ll get a great deal as they want us to keep recommending them to travellers). With our Itinerary Service you get a step-by-step guide to booking your holiday by yourself without exorbitant mark ups, your investment of $200 as seen on the pricing page, covers our valuable expertise developed over many years of relationship building, and in the long run will save you money that can then be spent on your trip.

Itinerary Plus Booking Service

We can also provide the full service of itinerary planning and fully book your trip. We understand that in this time-precious environment some people are too busy to book all the details of a trip. Let us take away that problem. Unlike many others, we don’t ask for commissions from Tour Providers and Hotel Operators, we want them to get as big a benefit from tourists as possible and keep our prices as low as possible. If we have provided you with an itinerary as part of our Itinerary Only Service and at a later date you decide to have us actually book the whole holiday for you and your traveling companions, we can take care of that too. We will provide you with a quote covering all related costs and inclusions and exclusions. We don’t like flashing super cheap and unrealistic prices that assume you want the worst flight on the worst day and staying at flea bag dumps, with no tours included, only optional tours charging you double the price and trying to up-sell you now you have the dream in your head. As a thank you we will also deduct the original Itinerary Only Investment from our quote if we book the trip for you within 90 days of providing you with an itinerary.

  • Peter C - Tugun Qld:
    After I went to a travel agent, I spoke to Mark and asked him to look over the quote . He saved me $1,400 on my trip and we had a great time, he even told us about flights from Coolangatta , saving us a trip to Brissy.

  • Shane J - Corinda Qld:
    My wife and I travelled with Mark to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Saved heaps on the flights recommended by an agent. We loved Singapore so much we went back on our own a year later and took our kids.”

  • Nicola G - Ipswich Qld:
    We have travelled twice with Mark, firstly to Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur and again a year later to Hoi An in Vietnam and to Penang in Malaysia with my husband and two boys under 10. Great hotel choices and always felt in safe hands.”

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