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Tips for the Best Southern Vietnam Tour in 2023

Diamond Bay Resort - Southern Vietnam
Diamond Bay Resort - Southern Vietnam

Is Southern Vietnam Worth Visiting?

All of Vietnam is worth visiting, the problem is finding enough time to fully experience all it has to offer. Each region has as much in common as it has differences. Most tourists to Vietnam buy a tour that rushes them from the top of the country to the bottom and all places in between. To do this in a limited space of time means fleeting visits to each popular city or attraction with over 50% of your holiday on a train or plane or cramped in a small bus. You need a holiday to get over that type of holiday.

I read in a tourism magazine that Vietnam has one of the lowest return rates of tourists in the world, and I believe this is due to most tour operators' tactic to visit as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you, for example, visit the US for 10 days you don't cram 48 states into your trip, instead, you spend time in one or two areas and plan to come back to explore further afield on your next trip.

Where to Go in Southern Vietnam? Best Places to Visit

The south of Vietnam has many wonderful locations, sadly too many for even EZIASIATRAVEL to put into one itinerary. Of course, Ho Chi Minh City is a must-see place. Its large boulevards and tree-lined city streets revoke thoughts of its french influences. The history, both ancient and recent, is proudly entwined into the city's landscape. Outside the City, the Mekong Delta, the food basket of Vietnam and its majestic river, brings life to the region and the country. To the south, the beachside city of Vung Tau is connected to the City by high-speed river boats. Toward the Cambodian border is the island group of Phuc Quoc, a tropical paradise within easy reach.

As you head north the cooling temperature of Da Lat and its French architecture and its gardens will amaze you. Toward the coast the sleepy town of Mui Ne with surfing and windsurfing as big attractions. Also, a jeep ride on the desert-like sand dunes is a great way to see the sun rise or set. A further 100 km journey or so north will take you to Nha Trang. High Rise Hotels line the beach and shopping and cafes fulfil your needs. Theme parks and mud baths are just a few of the pastimes, along with just relaxing in the blue safe waters and having a relaxing holiday.

How Much Does The Southern Vietnam Tour Cost?

EZIASIATRAVEL offer preset tours to Vietnam. We have managed the tours to allow travellers the time to get a feel for each region and what it has to offer. The Southern tour is priced at $4,299 per person twin share. This includes all activities, five-star accommodation, transfers, guides, entry fees ( if needed) and all transport required.

We do not just quote on minimum needed additions to our tours and then “give you the option to buy add-ons to bump up the asking price.” We included high-end accommodation and looked for the best rooms we believe will suit our guests. If you are using road transport it will be in VIP vehicles, not the back-breaking cramped date buses and vans seen on the road in many places. Our guides are all English-speaking and will enhance any visit.

We have not included airfares from Australia to Vietnam as it's nearly impossible to quote a price if we have no idea where you're departing from or when you wish to travel. Others look for the cheapest priced airfare from the closest departure point at the lowest of low season and say the magic word “ from” in front of any price and wait for your inquiry. We of course can assist you in getting your flights organised and will get the best prices possible when we have the relevant information. We can even tailor-made a tour for you. If you want any alterations or add-ons, maybe a stopover in Singapore or Koh Samui in Thailand on the way home. Let us know, it's what we do.

Southern Vietnam Tour With Eziasiatravel

Check out our website and scroll to Southern Vietnam Adventures and see our full-page tour summary. Later, read our day-by-day expanded tour details and be delighted and excited.

Next, go to our homepage, scroll to the bottom and reach us at 'Contact Us'. You can email or even call us then we can chat and get you started on your own Vietnam adventure!


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